Nothing, Nothing, Ball by dun.

Nothing, Nothing, Ball by dun.

‘Nothing, Nothing, Ball’ tells the story of my art making process following my discussion with UltraDAO about joining Season 2. It is one part painted process and one part thoughtful gaze.

My thoughts following the discussion immediately turned to the collectors and the ways they might experience The 12 Days of Cryptoart. The thoughts they might have, the processes of choice. While thinking I gazed at the screen I would be using to create the work, waiting. I slowly became transfixed on a strange sort of blankness. I started to paint a screen onto the screen. I then replicated the painted screen onto itself. I thought about the possibility of an object. I thought some colour might be nice. For whatever reason, I painted a pink ball, its placement on another replication of the screen I had painted.

Finally, painting a layers list to the upper right (while also placing blank versions of the list into each of the previous painted and replicated layers.) You may notice that the top layer in the top layer list is actually the layer list itself. This made me smile quite a lot.

This is in essence, the ‘painted process’ element of the work.

The ‘thoughtful gaze’ is a strange sort of between. not quite painted but very much a part of the final work. Thinking of the collectors and the Twelve Days created this work. The decision to paint the process happened while in that thoughtful gaze. The title is a take on that very process, turning the very real creative thinking experience of Nothing, Nothing, Art into Nothing, Nothing, Ball. It is a work of art that is about process and thought. It is a work of art about the subject of choice. I hope you all enjoy it.

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