Untitled Panorama #1

Untitled Panorama #1 #346

Untitled Panorama #1 is a composition made from 24 photographs of a digitized photograph originally made with medium format film and displayed on a full HD screen. This image is a meditation on the digital realm as a landscape, one that exists beyond a screen or projection and that is increasingly inhabited by us in one way or another.

Thinking about the traditional approach to landscape by American photographers such as Robert Adams, I wanted to create a landscape that felt as if it could be inhabited without losing sight that the thing we are seeing is behind a screen, so I let most of its imperfections be, resulting in an image that is distorted by the zoom of the image and the type of screen in which it's displayed. With this image, I wanted to talk about the experience of looking at a screen and its implications on our perception of reality.

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