Olivier Bodini

Olivier Bodini is a highly accomplished artist and university professor of computer science at Sorbonne Paris Nord University.

With a deep understanding of mathematics, computer science, and digital art, he heads a digital art team at MSN, a third place in the heart of the university. Bodini is responsible for the MunstrA project, which aims to create a bridge between mathematics, computer science, and digital art. Additionally, he directs the Galileo Doctoral School, where he oversees more than 230 doctoral students in science at the university.

Bodini's research and expertise in the theory of tilings and the random generation of combinatorial structures have earned him an international reputation. He holds a thesis in pure mathematics on the combinatorial and algebraic properties of tilings and a habilitation to direct research in computer science on Boltzmann generators, which makes it possible to define algorithms simulating the behaviour of complex organisations. His scientific expertise has been influential in the development of sophisticated algorithms dedicated to artistic creation, inspired by particle dynamics, random generation, and tilings.

He creates artworks that evoke a universal organization and question our perception of complex organizations. His aesthetic value is second to none, and he has won numerous awards, including the Artex prize of the European Creation Incubators in 2021 for his project "Digital Nymphs," which he developed within his MunstrA team. His projects have been exhibited at international Bridges conferences that highlight the transversal links between mathematics, art, and culture.

Bodini's art pushes the boundaries of human imagination, requiring an unrealistic amount of time, precision, and technicality beyond human reach. He probes the entropic limits of visual aesthetics, and his work is widely recognized as a leading example of generative art. In 2022, he was selected to represent generative art on the Tezos stand at Art Basel Paris +, further cementing his position as one of the most innovative and visionary artists of our time.

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