Jenni Pasanen

Jenni Pasanen is an artist who creates in the new era of art where creativity of machines and humans unite as one.

Her unique style combines digital painting with AI, which allows her to create unprecedented and fascinating pieces of art. Her passion for art began at a young age and after completing her studies in graphic design, she worked as a designer and animator for 7 years, while creating art on the side.

Jenni's love for science, technology and the human mind led her to explore crypto in 2020. She was instantly hooked and started creating her very first NFT series in March 2021. Around the same time, she was introduced to GAN/AI art, which mesmerized her with the endless possibilities it offers. This led to the fusion of digital painting and AI in her artwork.

She believes that by adding machine without emotional limitations as a part of her work, she is able to create things she could have never thought of on her own. AI works as her paint and muse, allowing her to dive into her imagination and release the unlimited playfield of creativity. Her art is a beautiful extension of her creativity and self-expression, as she pours her heart into every piece she creates.

Jenni uses a variety of digital tooling in her work, often leaning into AI-powered methods she cannot fully control. She believes that AI has taken her creativity to the next level and that creativity will never stop evolving. Jenni is grateful for the path that has led her to where she is today, and looks forward to continuing to learn and experience more in the world of art and technology.

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A dog named Apocalypse

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