Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a multi-talented 3D artist and illustrator whose work is celebrated for its ethereal, dreamlike quality.

Born and raised in California, Blake Kathryn was drawn to the arts from a young age, exploring everything from painting to dance to music. She eventually found her passion in 3D art, which she saw as a way to bring her vivid imagination to life.

Blake's work is characterized by its intricate, otherworldly designs and its use of color and light to create immersive, fantastical environments. Her pieces often feature women in surreal, dreamlike landscapes, each one a reflection of the artist's own imagination and personal experiences. She cites her love of science fiction and fantasy as a major influence on her work, as well as her fascination with the possibilities of technology.

Her journey as an artist has been one of experimentation and growth. After studying illustration at ArtCenter College of Design, she began working as a freelance artist, taking on projects ranging from album covers to video game art. In 2017, she was named one of Forbes' "30 Under 30" in the Art and Style category, a testament to the impact of her work and her growing reputation in the industry.

In addition to her commercial work, Blake is also a prolific creator of personal art, using her 3D skills to explore her own ideas and emotions. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and events around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the New York City Electronic Art Festival.

Despite her success, she remains committed to constantly pushing the boundaries of her art and exploring new avenues of expression. She sees technology as an ever-evolving tool for creativity and innovation, and is excited to see where it will take her in the future. For Blake, being an artist is not just a career, but a way of life, and she continues to inspire others with her unique vision and passion for the arts.

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