3a5a1a (basaia)

3a5a1a is a pop culture-inspired artist hailing from Rio Cuarto, a small city in the province of Cordoba, Argentina.

With a keen eye for streetwear, sports, and hip hop culture, 3a5a1a's work is heavily influenced by these elements, as well as his favorite color, pink.

After entering the NFT space two years ago, 3a5a1a quickly fell in love with the medium, working primarily on Tezos but more recently expanding his focus to Ethereum. He recently collaborated with a clothing brand to create a unique project that combines clothing and NFTs.

As an artist, 3a5a1a draws inspiration from a variety of sources. He admires the bold colors of Warhol's work, the political humor of artists like Beeple and Banksy, as well as iconic fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace, Supreme, and BAPE. Within the NFT space, he looks to fellow artists Clok, Rat Cloak, Von Doyl, and El Turro for inspiration.

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