Studio Captain

Stefan Sloot, known in the world of art as Studio Captain, is a Dutch graphic designer and crypto artist hailing from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

His journey into the arts began with a formal education in Graphic Design, followed by further studies at the Academy for Popculture, where he specialized in Design. After receiving his bachelor's degree in 2012, Sloot embarked on his freelancing career under the moniker of Studio Captain, a creative journey he continues to this day.

Throughout his career, Studio Captain has worked on a wide array of cultural projects, including large festivals, venues, and bands. His primary focus, however, has been poster design. He has created a multitude of gig posters for bands, often handling not only the design but also the screenprinting. In addition to these gig posters, he has consistently produced art prints, a passion that naturally transitioned into the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) once he discovered the opportunity.

Studio Captain's style is characterized by a minimalist approach that has grown even more refined during his time creating NFTs. He sets himself boundaries and rules for each new series or artwork, consistently pushing the limits of minimalism. His goal is to uncover new shapes in unexpected places and to establish a sense of visual tranquility. He avoids grand narratives or abstract directions, instead focusing on the rules he sets for each collection. His work, such as the pieces in his CONSTRUCT collection available on his Foundation page, is finished when it achieves the right balance and layout to his eye.

His use of a distinctive color palette and grain contributes to the unmistakable Studio Captain aesthetic. Each piece is an exploration of simplicity and balance, a testament to his commitment to minimalistic design and his talent for creating visually calming pieces. His works don't aim to tell grand stories but instead to offer a tranquil and balanced visual experience, a journey into the beauty of minimalism.

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