Dun is a multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. The last two years of her work have been focused in different forms of abstract storytelling using works created primarily by digital means.

Her starting collections in the NFT space include 'Fable Birds', 'Francis, Explain', and ‘Cassiopeia'. These were followed by the community narrative inspired art collections of ‘Haute' and 'Haute:Kaleidr'.

In 2022 Dun released 'The Hours' on AsyncArt. A blueprint that told the story of art making and self-criticism by covering its own layers during the reveal process.

Most recently her storytelling has looked toward small collections of art responses, art created in an instant through automatic painting encounters with historical texts, manuals, manifestos, postcards. (See ‘Beautiful Monster’, ‘Fault’, and ’Sender’)

Dun’s creative hope is to know more and more about how to tell the story of thought processes, whether it be her own or that of another artist or collector.

In the 12D± Collection

season 2, day 6

Nothing, Nothing, Ball