Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart is a multi-faceted contemporary artist based in the United States whose work spans an impressive array of mediums including fine art, NFTs, photography, social movements, humanitarian efforts, iPhone apps, hospitality, augmented reality, and performance art​​.

Cowart's journey as an artist began with his pursuits in abstract painting and graphic design. It was his venture into photography, specializing in celebrity portraiture and humanitarian projects, that earned him significant recognition over the past 15 years. His innovative and efficient process allows him to shoot up to 200 unique portraits in a single minute, a technique he has leveraged in hundreds of photoshoots​.

Jeremy Cowart's foray into the NFT space has been marked by a series of innovative projects. His first major NFT project, "Block Queens," was one of the first to combine multiple art mediums into one generative collection. The 999 Block Queens, which sold out in seconds, are fully interactive, allowing viewers to explore each of the 11 layers in every piece​​.

In an effort to push the boundaries of digital art, Cowart introduced "Lightographs," a patent-pending technique that enables viewers to control the analog light in a photograph with simple cursor movements. His "Lightograph" NFTs are minted on SuperRare, with one of them being featured at Phillips Auction in London in November 2022 alongside the greatest photographers in art history​​.

Cowart's "AURAS" project was a historic feat where he created 10,000 unique NFTs in 20 minutes before a live audience. This project was not just a display of artistic prowess, but also an open invitation into his creative process​​.

Beyond his NFT projects, Cowart has also demonstrated a strong commitment to social impact. In 2015, he launched a Kickstarter to build "The Purpose Hotel," the world's first social good hotel where everything inside the building is connected to causes and non-profits around the world. Despite challenges, including surviving a pandemic, Cowart and his team are actively working on this project​​.

As an artist for the Twelve Days of CryptoArt, Cowart brought his unique blend of artistic innovation and social consciousness to the table. His contribution, part of Season 2 and featured on Day 0, was a reflection of his expansive artistic vision and his desire to push the boundaries of what's possible in the NFT space.

Cowart's artistic journey continues, with plans for more innovative NFT projects on the horizon. His forthcoming project "Manic," a collection of 23 self-portrait NFTs, combines painting, digital art, photography, acrylic, and charcoal, demonstrating his continued exploration of the intersection between different art forms​​.

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