Chema Mendez

Chema Mendez, also known as Mendezmendez, is a talented collage artist whose work is centered around exploring deep philosophical concepts such as life and death, metaphysics, and dualism.

His unique style ranges from minimalist and clean compositions to highly detailed and overly complex pieces that incorporate various digital mediums such as painting, 3D, composting, and color correction.

Mendez's artwork is particularly impressive due to the level of detail that goes into each piece. He combines dozens of different sources and hundreds of layers to create a collage that pushes the limits of the traditional digital collage genre. His goal is to take forgotten artworks and give them new life through the lens of surrealism.

He started working with computer graphics in 2002 and digital art in 2009. However, it wasn't until October 2020 that he began minting his work as NFTs. Since then, he has minted approximately 120 NFTs, all of which have sold out. His advice to those looking to get into NFTs is to dive headfirst, but take the time to learn and understand the technology and networking to have a better understanding of how to mint their first piece.

Mendez has two main permanent collections: Signature Series & Singularity and Fragments.

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