Luna Leonis

Luna Leonis is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for creating artwork that tells stories through a fusion of explosive shapes and vibrant colors.

Luna's inspiration comes from a range of sources including Picasso, legends, fairytales, and mythology. She has always been drawn to the way shapes and colors can convey emotions and communicate stories.

Her educational background and career are in Industrial Design, in which she has a master's degree and a gold medalist of national collegiate design Olympiad in 2019. She is particularly interested in Toy and Game design as it allows her to use her imagination to create tangible products that tell stories. In addition to her work in design, Luna also has experience in animation, with a special interest in stop-motion animation, which she believes is the most magical form of animation.

Luna's artwork has been exhibited in various worldwide exhibitions, including Dutch Design Week, Dubai Design Week, Metacon Dubai, and WIDD. She is excited to continue her NFT journey on Superrare, where she can share her stories with the world. Luna's Wonderland traveler invites you to join her on a journey through her magical world of shapes, colors, and stories.

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season 1, day 5

The White Rabbit

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