Rudxane is a visual artist from Amsterdam, working on small interactive websites and code based art since the 90s.

He has been working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create interactive websites and art since the end of the 90s. Currently exploring the interplay of artist/machine through the generative medium, he experiments with the introduction human characteristics in a generative system.

He rediscovered NFTs after the Cryptokitties boom and started an account on Twitter to share his work. He minted his first pieces on Hic Et Nunc, a now-defunct experimental digital art platform where artists could mint their works to the Tezos blockchain for permanent storage and immutable provenance.

Rudxane is fascinated by the combination of artist/machine in generative art, where he tries to replicate a human acting like a generative system, introducing human characteristics in a generative system where each line stroke is inconsistent. For him, generative art can sometimes feel too clean, so he tries to explore if he could replicate the additional layer of personal connection found in real paintings through the difference of heavy or soft brush strokes.

Rings and l∞p are his experiments on variation, where the interplay of randomly assigned colors create the variation within the series. "Unfinished" is rudxane's attempt to question the state of finished and explore creation.

Rudxane's main goals are to have fun, be happy with the work he creates, and to keep pushing his boundaries. He believes NFTs give him the option to stay in control without any external pressure or deadlines, giving him the room to create purely for the sake of creation. The final result is a combination between the artist and the collectors, which adds an additional layer to the work that's hard to recreate when the artist is completely in control of the outputs.

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