Discover amazing digital art through a one-of-a-kind blind mint experience.

Twelve Days of CryptoArt season two

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Collect digital art from some of the best artists in the world in Twelve Days season two!

Price: 0.12eth

Passes available: 780/1200

Entry deadline: April 25th

Mint date: April 27th

Event begins: Early May

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Acquire art by today's top contemporary digital artists without any pre-conceived ideas about its origins or hype-fueled speculative mania.

Each day, a new piece of art is revealed. You are presented with a decision: mint today's art or wait. Once you acquire a piece using a Twelve Days mint pass, you may swap your artwork any future day until the end of the event. The only catch? There's no going back.

Twelve Days is one part art discovery and one part psychological experiment. Participants must become intimately familiar with the intricacies of a piece of art before any details surrounding the artist or piece are revealed. You must make a decision: Do you mint based on expected value or acquire art because you love it?

Additional details

Holder rewards

ULTRAPASS holders may claim one (1) free mint pass at no cost between March 12-19 (now closed). Please note: there will not be an airdrop this season, so please ensure you mint during the appropriate claim window. Any unclaimed passes will go into the allowlist sale.

Twelve Days season one full set holders and ULTRAPASS holders with the Ultimate trait receive three (3) free mint passes each.

VIP mint eligibility

Twelve Days season one holders may pre-order one (1) mint pass for each season one piece held at a discounted price of 0.07eth each between March 7-12 (now closed).

Twelve Days season one full set holders may pre-order a set of nine (9) mint passes for a combined price of 0.5eth total.

Allowlist eligibility

The allowlist will be determined by a Premint raffle. However, holders of the following collections who register for the Premint will be added to the allowlist and able to mint (while supplies last):

Twelve Days of CryptoArt season two mint pass

A next-level digital art experience.

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